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Richmond Police Chief Defense Attorney Arthur J. Weiss Satisfied With Acquittal On LEIN Disclosure Charge

By November 17, 2023November 27th, 2023In the Media

November 17, 2023
Following a grueling two-day trial in Romeo’s 42-I District Court, Richmond’s police chief, Tom Costello, was acquitted by a 6-person jury of a misdemeanor on the allegation he illegally disclosed LEIN information to a third party.

As Costello’s attorney, Arthur J. Weiss, argued, Costello’s access of LEIN was justified since it pertained to a law enforcement purpose–in this case, child custody–”He did it for a reason, enforcement of child support, child custody, parenting time… A father has a right to parenting time with his son. The cold, hard fact is the rule was not violated, the statute was not violated.”

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